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2020-01-27 13:51 Aug 06, 2012 Ok, so some Rushers and Directioners keep hating on the boys and the fandoms. Im a Rusher and Directioner and Im pretty sure I'm not the only 1 who is sick and tired of all this hating and stuff, a lot of fans are. Please stop it and start being friendly to one another if your only a Rusher or Directioner. Why can't u guys be like BTR& 1D supporting each other and being friendly.

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Directioners VS Rushers. Yeah, I don't like wars and everything but seriously, some Directioners are so stuckup, mean, and fricken' annoying! They insult us Rushers and BTR! I'm so upset. But thank God, the fanwar ended. Sort of. The war actually started when they announced yang One Direction is following BTR on their Better With U tour!

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Jul 23, 2012 Justin has lost a number of fans in the past year as a result of his scandalous antics. However, many directioners have left the boys for 5SOS. There are definitely lots fewer beliebers and directioners now than there were when this question was asked, that's for certain. As for who's extra dedicated, i am gonna go together with beliebers. Jul 01, 2012 Title explains all You're Welcome. Sorry it cuts off at the end, I have bad editing skills. : (Twitter: Please Like, Comment Troll Tumblr Funny Merlin Fandom Hessa Tumblr Stuff Tumblr Posts Fan Fiction Gifs Fangirl Problems. Oh y'know, an au were Merlin is a mermaid who somehow washes ashore and Arthur, the pirate, saves him like a knight in shining armor ( heh a reference ). Brenda Valencia. 1D. What others are saying rushers vs directioners tumblr Apr 04, 2012  Best Answer: I am with you but a lot of directioners are snotty. I'm a die hard rusher and when I went to a concert with my best friend all the directioners were acting snotty towards us because we are BTR girls. I mean yes people have taken it out of

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