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2019-12-12 05:14 Abigail Hobbs (98) Will Graham (96) Alana Bloom (18) Jack Crawford (15) Will Graham's Dogs (8) Beverly Katz (7) Garrett Jacob Hobbs (5) Brian Zeller (4) Jimmy Price (4) Include Relationships Will GrahamAbigail HobbsHannibal Lecter (103) Will GrahamHannibal Lecter (60) Will GrahamAbigail Hobbs (37) Abigail HobbsHannibal Lecter (37)

abigailhobbslecter. Now Playing Tracks. Tumblr drhanniballecter: Tens of people get killed in horrific gruesome ways Fannibals: Wow creepy, but cool. Dog gets slightly injured animal empathy will graham nbc hannibal; Facebook Twitter Google will graham abigail hobbs tumblr

Independent RoleplayAsk blog for Abigail Hobbs from the NBC series Hannibal . Tracking: smallestshrike This is a subordinate blog: as such, I can't follow you back. Follows will be under my

Mar 19, 2017 I originally wasn't going to join this MEP, but I got talked into it. The theme for this one was Hero x Villainness, and I decided to do dark! Abigail, because I can easily see her turning dark will graham abigail hobbs tumblr

May 10, 2014  The worst part was that for Will, so much of what he felt for Abigail was tied into potential, but sometimes the loss of potential really is worse than losing something you actually had. it is for this reason that it wont matter how far Will has to go to imprison Hannibal, he will do it, for Abigail. Imagine Will Graham running on a treadmill and falling flat on his face. Imagine Alana trying to help a dazed Will Graham up. He pushes her away and states, No I have to win the race. Imagine Abigail Hobbs making Will do yoga with her. Find and follow posts tagged will x abigail on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. # will graham# abigail hobbs# hannibaledit# will x abigail# hannibal nbc# hannibal# mine# vaguely creative stuff# 1000. 1, 379 notes. silvertons. will graham abigail hobbs tumblr please. he needs to sleep. Im losing my mind. I dont know whats real. Source: alphalewolf Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs first met in Apritif, when he shot her father to save her life. Recently he found out that Abigail killed Nicholas Boyle, even though he was trying to lie to himself about it. He, like Hannibal, felt resposibility and obligation to help her. Will was one of her hannibal nbc hannibal hannibaledit will graham hannibal lecter hugh dancy mads mikkelsen my edit my hannibal edits mizumono abigail hobbs kacey rohl tw: blood bryan fuller nbchannibal beaufortplace oreillesdelfes thanks to sirenjaandthestag for the inspiration # Alana Bloom# Abigail Hobbs# Jack Crawford# Will Graham# Hannibal Lecter. Is it better to outmonster the monster or to be quietly devoured? 32 notes Reblog Tags. # hannibal# nbc hannibal# will graham# abigail hobbs# hannibal lecter# mine perthecoin: ONE GIFSET PER

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