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2020-01-21 08:16 Nov 28, 2013 It's also got a weird sb in its name and that is not a CentOS kernel possibly put there by your provider. You should definitely update that ASAP as it'll be riddled with security vulnerabilities. As to why you cannot find kerneldevel, I suspect that your provider has excluded kernel from within one of the yum config files.

# yum update# yum install kerneldevel# yum groupinstall Development Tools Reboot the system, mount the Guest Additions CD and autorun. I find it helpful to reboot again after the Guest additions has been installed. You may find my blog post about the detailed process that I use to setup Vagrant boxes helpful. It outlines the Guest yum update kernel-devel

May 17, 2014  yum y update kernel. In this case, yum is the rpmbased package manager for both Red Hat and CentOS, y, assumeyes gives yes as an answer to any question which would be asked by running the command, update is for updating the package, and kernel is the package youre updating!

I know that official CentOS 6 (even 7) update repositories does not provide security information. The consequence is plugin and yum checkupdate security command does not list any updates like on RHEL or OEL distros. . There is a nice script generateupdateinfo which is able to inject missing piece of security information into local yum repository. yum update kernel-devel

Now I am trying to install Nvidia drivers for my GPU but the problem is that I must update kerneldevel first. I did the following: yum update yum install kerneldevel kernelheaders gcc make yum y upgrade kernel kerneldevel After that I checked which kernel I am using: uname Feb 06, 2015 Need help with yum install kerneldevel. Ok, I just installed FC4. I do a uname rm while in the console and I get the following as my installed kernel: It would be a better idea to update the kernel and then boot the new kernel before you mess with installing the kerneldevel package. yum update kernel (or yum update) reboot yum install Dec 23, 2017 How do I use the yum command to update and patch my Red hat Enterprise Linux CentOS Linux version 5. x6. x7. x server via RHN or the Internet? Can I use up2date command under a RHEL v5. x? up2date command was part of RHEL v4. x or older version. You need to use yum command to update and patch the yum update kernel-devel May 14, 2009 1. Maybe you do not need the full kernel sourceIf you need to compile a kernel driver module, the chances are you do not really need the full kernel source tree. You might just need the kerneldevel package. (If, however, you are certain that the full source tree is required, please follow the instructions in Section 2. )In CentOS5, there are three kerneldevel packages available: kernel May 17, 2018  If no matching kernel headers are located in the usrsrckernels directory, go ahead and install kernel headers, which is provided by the kerneldevel package that can be installed using default package manager as shown. # yum install kerneldevel [On CentOSRHEL 7# [[email protected]# yum install kerneldevel If your kernel is not listed by yum because it is in an older tree, you can download it manually from the CentOS Vault. CentOS7: Look in either the 7. N. YYMM os x8664 Packages or the 7. N. YYMM updates x8664 Packages directories for the kerneldevel Removing: kernel x8664. 16. 1. el7 @updates 148 M kernel devel x8664. 16. 1. el7 @updates 34 M The above output will ensure that the VPS does not boot after a restart or malfunction after execution of the update.

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