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2020-01-24 09:20 How to use Respone. Redirect inside An UpdatePanel in ASP. NET 2. 0 Issue: When we are creating any Web Application in ASP. NET 2. 0, we need to use AJAX Extension for using Update Panel.

This is also happening in one of our projects that we migrated from. Net 3. 5 to. Net 4. 0. The problem only occurs when compression is enabled. We had a custom Response Filter in the Global. asax. cs file to apply gzip compression to each response when supported by the browser. . The solution was to exclude the addition of that filter when requests were made by AJAX (an update panel). ajax updatepanel redirect

Nov 15, 2008  I'm trying to get response. redirect to work when using updatepanel. Looking at Fiddler, it appears that a 302 is return and the new page is sent, however

The problem is still there, so now i've worked around it, by taking the button that does the redirect out of the update panel. After thinking about this for a while i've concluded that this is the most logical place for the button as well, because it doesn't call an update of the panel, but an update of the whole page. ajax updatepanel redirect

Ajax Update Panel Session Time Out issue. Ask Question 0. 1. I have a GridView control which is inside an ajax update panel by default session timeout for the user is 20 mins when the user clicks on paging numbers my apps shows an timeout alert. So my question is how to handle timeout issue and redirect the user to the login page in Ajax Update Redirecting to Another Page. There are two basic kinds of redirection to a new page from the server: Response. Redirect() The standard ASP. NET means of redirection. Generating JavaScript that sets ajax updatepanel redirect

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