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2020-01-21 08:28 In the connected scenario, the same instance of DbContext is used in retrieving and saving entities, whereas this is different in the disconnected scenario. In this chapter, you will learn about saving data in the connected scenario. The following figure illustrates the CUD (Create, Update, Delete) operations in the connected scenario.

This can be achieved in several ways: setting the EntityState for the entity explicitly; using the DbContext. Update method (which is new in EF Core); using the DbContext. Attach method and then walking the object graph to set the state of individual properties within the graph explicitly. dbcontext update one to many

Configure OnetoMany Relationships in EF 6. Here, we will learn how to configure OnetoMany relationships between two entities (domain classes) in Entity Framework 6. x using the codefirst approach. Let's configure a onetomany relationship between the following Student and Grade entities where there can be many students in one grade.

In order to update one to many relationships formed by Independent Associations it is necessary to resort to using the ObjectContext class (derived from an instance of DbContext) and 'manually' update the relationship between Target and Customer. dbcontext update one to many

The context sets an appropriate state to each entity based on the key property value. If it is zero, then it sets the Added state, otherwise it sets the Modified state. The SaveChanges() method will execute the appropriate INSERT or UPDATE command to the database for each entity. May 12, 2011 I am using EF 4. 1 with the DbContext API, MVC 3, and AutoMapper. I have an entity (Proposal) that has a manytomany relationship with another Entity (CategoryTags). This is modeled properly in my database with a ProposalCategoryTag table with two fields (one for each FK Id). dbcontext update one to many

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