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2020-01-21 10:57 Fix the Likes Glitch. When you like a post and the user deletes it, it should go away from your likes. Right now my sidebar says I have 600 posts liked, but only about 50 of them I can see and I have to manually go to page 2, 3, etc of my likes to see them.

Sep 12, 2018 How to Use Tumblr. This wikiHow teaches you how to use Tumblr on your computer or mobile platform. Tumblr is a social media platform that encourages creative text and imagebased posts, community engagement, and general entertainment. how to look at others likes on tumblr

Mar 25, 2016 Yes, this is possible. Go to your blog settings and disable the like feed. Additionally, remove the like block from your blog theme HTML.

How to Check if You Get Any Reblogs or Likes on Tumblr by Andrea Ruiz. and you can see what other users are saying about your content by clicking the reblog links and seeing other users' post responses. You can see a great deal of information about your post notes by looking at your blog's activity dashboard. how to look at others likes on tumblr

How to See What People Like on Tumblr Select the Tumblr user whose Likes you want to browse. Copy the Tumblr's title to your clipboard. Paste the Tumblr title after the final slash of the following URL: Enter the URL with the Tumblr title at the end into your Anonymous said: I have over 2000 likes and cant see the earlier ones? How do I see them? Answer: Dont fear, little anon, I have the answer! 12 crucial Tumblr tricks you probably dont know. A lot of people regularly check for mentions of their username like any other tag, which is especially useful if your dashboard is too busy how to look at others likes on tumblr Oct 03, 2011  Best Answer: I believe you can only see some people's likes if they make it visible and part of their layout. People normally have control over that when they customize their page. Like me for example I don't make my likes visible on my tumblr page. Mar 13, 2019  If youre looking for sites like Tumblr, the most similar ones out there are probably Soup. io or Blogger. com. On the other hand, if you want an online journal service thats a little fancier, perhaps for a professional portfolio or small business, WordPress. com, Wix. com, or Weebly. com may work better for your needs. How can the answer be improved? Mar 28, 2019  Tumblr girls are always on top of every trend in fashion. Keep an eye on what other popular profiles are wearing and try to add in some fresh elements into your own lookswithout looking like a copycat. Once in a while, try something weird and daring. Something that other Tumblr

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