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2020-01-19 00:44 RUMORS ABOUT MISHA COLLINS MISHA COLLINS MCDONALDS COMMERCIAL IS NOT ON YOUTUBE. This commercial, called Makin Music, is often cited as Mishas McDonalds commercial. It is not. Mishas commercial was called Cabin Fever and no one has found it yet.

MISHA COLLINS! Oh good. I have your attention. Fantastic! I was around when Tumblarity was a thing. Yes, I'm old. Yes, I made Castianity , Texts From Cas, DemonDean's twitter, Episode Summaries, and those weird caption things a thing. You're welcome. I LIKE TO TALK IN misha collins mcdonalds commercial tumblr

1990's McDonald's Commercial MISHA COLLINS OR RICHARD DREYFUS? the controversy continues.

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Anonymous asked: has anyone ever found the McDonalds commercial? does it even exist? Its real, but no one has ever found it. There are two random old commercials that some people think are Mishas, but they arent. Also, Misha said that the commercial featured only [his feet, so theres not much point in trying to find it, if you ask me. Watch this Misha Collins video, Asylum 8: Misha's McDonalds Commercial, on Fanpop and browse other Misha Collins videos. (tw: injuries, photo of Misha as a child after a bike accident. Tumblr user jamwatschester also posted the video here, but with a correction indicating that Misha is not actually in the commercial. We consider Misha and his resume to be reliable sources regarding the name of the commercial; therefore the Making Music rumor is DEBUNKED. misha collins mcdonalds commercial tumblr Apr 30, 2012  I found the commercial with Misha, reposting because nobody seems to have noticed my first post but GUYS this is like, 98 definitely it! Its a mcdonalds commercial from 1997, linked with a The link to the McDonalds commercial featuring Misha: here! The link to the McDonalds commercial featuring Misha: here! Stay classy supernatural Return To Main Inbox message me YOUTUBE JUST made a youtube channel! February 12 2015 4, 594 notes Permalink. The link Mar 17, 2013# misha collins mcdonald's advertisement# misha collins# mcdonald's# mcdonalds# misha collins mcdonalds advertisement# misha collins mcdonald's# misha collins mcdonalds# misha collins mcdonalds ad# misha collins mcdonald's ad. reblogged this from towblerone. Apr 26, 2011 THIS MISHA GUY SEEMS LIKE A BAD PERSON. Help us out by submitting (things you know about Misha) or leave us a link if you want us to reblog it from you instead. Also, if you want to comoderate this blog, just ask; ) This blog is inspired by TheRandomActOrg Twitter Spam of Exclusive Dirt on Misha Collins.

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