Alias in update statement in oracle

2020-01-18 22:21 Oracle ALIASES can be used to create a temporary name for columns or tables. COLUMN ALIASES are used to make column headings in your result set easier to read. TABLE ALIASES are used to shorten your SQL to make it easier to read or when you are performing a self join (ie: listing the same table more than once in the FROM clause).

Sep 16, 2013  I've found a very common belief among users of TSQL (both DBAs and Developers) is that you cant use an alias with the UPDATE statement. As best I can tell the reason for this is because of a simple misunderstanding of the UPDATE command syntax. Here is an example of a relatively simple update statement alias in update statement in oracle

Oracle Update Statements: Version 11. 1: Basic Update Statements: The Oracle UPDATE statement processes one or more rows in a table and sets one or more columns to the values you specify. Update all records: UPDATE t1 t1alias SET (tablename, tablespacename) (

Statement dependency system. A searched update statement depends on the table being updated, all of its conglomerates (units of storage such as heaps or indexes), all of its constraints, and any other table named in the WHERE clause or SET expressions. alias in update statement in oracle

This query runs fine in Oracle, Derby, MySQL but it fails in SQL server 2008 with following error: Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 1 Incorrect syntax near 'Q If I remove all occurrences of the alias, Q from SQL then it works. Jul 26, 2016  Hey All, So this a pretty specific SQL question. SQL server allows a from clause in update statements. I'm trying to mimic this behaviour in an Oracle stored procedure, while circumventing the need for a complex routine, ex: selecting the values I need for the comparisons in UPDATE rows with values from a table JOIN in Oracle Example use case: I have a database that contains a table of contacts (contact) and table of email addresses (email), joined on contact. id alias in update statement in oracle Apr 07, 2014  But if we use two case statements, then Feb sal will also come in the output. [Though the month is only Jan So I guess, we can't use the alias name in the WHEN clause as said by karthik and roger. And if there are more than one row and one has 'JAN' and another has 'FEB' how do May 17, 2012 If the object being updated is the same as the object in the FROM clause and there is only one reference to the object in the FROM clause, an object alias may or may not be specified. If the object being updated appears more than one time in the FROM clause, one, and only one, reference to the object must not specify a table alias.

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